E-commerce & lead generation – Humko

The company Humko, d.o.o., focuses on modern trends in the field of plant growth, horticulture and green infrastructure. In their 30 years of experience they applied for several patents for green wall systems and developed more than 80 new gardening products that are sold to Giz-PVD gardeners, in certain agricultural organizations and specialty stores.

They started an e-commerce store in March 2020 with the goal of expanding their seasonal business from B2B to B2C – putting primary focus on spring season. We started working together the same year in August and managed to triple online revenue in a single month, concentrating our efforts on connecting the brand with relevant online audience.

After carefully identifying the persona of our main target group and establishing successful amount of valuable online conversions we aimed to expand our efforts to lead generation. We optimized leads extensively to ensure high quality interest and followed up with our client regularly regarding the percentage of their execution.

Our team, while admittedly not a bunch of gardening experts, still manage to make stuff grow ?