Lead generation – Biodom

For 20 years, Biodom has been guaranteeing low heating costs, reliability and a warm home, with no compromises in terms of comfort. They started on the Slovenian market and began expanding successfully abroad in 2005. Currently, they export about 90% of their production.

First couple of months proved to be a steep learning curve. Bringing in a number of new leads wasn’t a problem, however our client quickly identified difficulties with their quality.

And since we’re not ones to squirm at the prospect of a challenge, we figured our next step was to put our entire focus into producing highly valuable leads, involving a whole plethora of techniques to insure our success.

The key strategy centered on molding acquired contacts into potential prospects by requiring them to fill out relevant information regarding our client’s product.

After some trial & error, our efforts proved to bear fruit, turning relatively chilly leads into pipping hot ones.